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This page is dedicated for testimonies of God’s delivering power. Read on and you will see how the power of God has worked miraculously in the life of His children.

Bro Adrian's Testimony

Greetings my fellow brethren. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our soon coming King. The Lord is a wonderful God! He is a marvellous God! He is a God that delivers! No matter how high or how low. He is a God that can reach you in your time of need. I am giving God thanks. He has picked me up and turn me around so that I can share my testimony with you. Your life can change, just as how He changed mine.

Many years ago, I wasn’t this person. I was a man that used to be in gang violence, selling drugs doing all sorts of manner of evil. But the love of Christ has changed my heart so that I can worship and serve Him in Spirit and in Truth. He has changed me so much that I can testify and tell you of the goodness of Christ.

One morning around 2am in 2007, I was on the street hustling. I had just finished and heading home to reload to come back on the street. Whilst journeying, I met another guy as I was going to my house to get more drugs to come back out. We both met up together and I was asking him what he wanted.

This guy had his hoodie. I began talking to him but he wasn’t really saying much as I was the one who was doing the talking. Suddenly he reached down his side and pulled out a gun and before he could fire any bullets, I jumped on him and I grabbed the gun. Whist wrestling with him, I got a shot in the hand, one in the thigh and one in the hip. The one in the hip got lodged and was removed by surgery.

The Lord has really been good to me and I am giving Him thanks that he spared my life on that day. I can testify and tell you that you can change. Just as how he has changed my heart, you can also shape someone’s tomorrow and be a blessing to somebody in Jesus name.

Testimony Praise Report

Sis Donna | Healed From Breast Cancer

Sis Donna, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2001. She rang Pastor Douglas and told her what the doctors said. Pastor Douglas began to pray and in which she said these words “Lord touch her blood and make it normal again”. When the results came back; to Sis Donna’s amazement, her blood had been made whole as the white cells had reappeared and she was discharged immediately from the hospital. Sis Donna is still alive and is completely healed from cancer.

Elder Johnson | Stomach Ulcer Healing

Elder Johnson suffered from stomach ulcer for over 50yrs and was restricted to certain foods. After turning his life over to the Lord, he has since been healed and is now able to eat the foods he had always wanted to eat.

Sis Idalyn | Depression Cure

Sis Idalyn suffered from depression for years and at times it appeared to her as if there was no end to her problem. She was prescribed antidepressants, on which she heavily depended. She was introduced to the Hackney Pentecostal Apostolic Church and having received prayer she has recovered from her depression and is no longer on medication for it.

Elder Henry

Elder Henry was informed by his relatives in Jamaica that his brother had lost his mind and was projecting psychotic symptoms. He was taken to the hospital but the doctors were unable to diagnose the illness. Elder Henry came to church and spoke to Pastor Douglas about it and they both prayed. The prayer was answered and his brother had regained his mental faculties and had stopped smoking and went back to school to pursue an engineering course.

Sis Audrey

Sis Audrey suffered from dizzy spells for seven years and she had made numerous visits to the doctors and the hospital, but they were unable to help her. She came to one of our prayer and fasting service and requested prayer. The brethren prayed for her since then, she has never had another dizzy spell.

Sis Chevla

Sis Chevla, before she became a Christian, was prescribed some tablets for her condition as she was losing her mind. She spoke to Pastor Douglas who advised her to believe God and stop taking the tablets. Sis Chevla obeyed the instruction and is now completely delivered and set free.


Angela was trying to for about eight months with her partner to be impregnated but was unsuccessful. She came to one of our Sunday services and heeded the call for prayer. Evangelist Johnson began to pray for her. Angela took Evangelist Johnson’s hand and placed it on her stomach. Since receiving prayer, Angela tried again and became impregnated and gave birth to a baby boy.


Melissa was heavily pregnant and was told that her baby was breeched.  She was at home feeling a bit down and sad. Her friend Sis Shauna who is a member of our church prayed for her and then invited her to church. She came to church and requested prayer and God heard and answered. To her astonishment, the baby rotated and she had a safe delivery.

Minister Pike

Bro Kevin was preparing to do some witnessing for our annual Holy Convocation when he collapsed on the floor and died. Sis Donna, a qualified nurse in our church checked his pulse and said “he is dead.” Pastor Douglas was notified and started crying out with a loud voice repeatedly, “LIFE IN THE NAME OF JESUS”. Minister Pike began to regain consciousness until he was fully recovered and he is alive to date.

Sis Rebecca

Sis Rebecca came to church one day, but she was suffering with excruciating stomach pains. The Spirit of God overwhelmed the service and she was healed without anyone laying hands on her.