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Pastor`s Word

How good it is of you to visit our web page. I am grateful to God for His manifold blessings upon us throughout the years.

By way of background, I was born in the parish of St Ann, Jamaica. As a young girl growing up I would read my bible and pray even though I was not a Christian.

On Sunday, October 13th, 1957 I attended the Apostolic Church in Cascade, St Ann following an invitation I had received from one of my friends. When I got to the church I stood on the outside admiring the young brethren and how they were worshipping the Lord. I was approached by someone who challenged me and said, "If you think you're bad step inside"; I took the challenge and went inside the church and took a seat.

As I sat inside listening to the preacher, the preacher looked at me and said: "Would you put fire in your bosom?" I said "no". The preacher then said "would you burn somebody" I said, "why not".

He said to me "you better come to God now." I asked the preacher "who are you talking to" he replied "you." I hissed my teeth and waved my hand. Little did I know that God was using the preacher to talk to me. The preacher said unto me the second time, "you better come to God." At that point, another person came and challenged me by stating "if you think you are bad, go to the altar."

In defiance, I went to the altar to show the person that I was willing to take on the challenge. As I knelt, God took possession of my soul from that moment. I was filled with the power of the Holy Ghost and began speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave me utterance. In total fulfilment and obedience to Acts 2:38, On Sunday, October 27 th 1957, I was baptised in the name of Jesus under the leadership of Bishop R.C. Walker.

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