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I'm New Here

Could you imagine a place…

Where you can find your purpose, live in hope and be transformed. This is the place to be to explore your God-given talents and to discover your mission and purposes that God has called you for. We do not just exist for the people of Hackney but for all nations and all localities.

In our Holy Ghost-Centred church, you will not be met with humiliation or condemnation but with our arms wide open for you. We are not judgemental and we do not exist to cast stones at you. We are here to enact the love and mercy of God to you. Of course, HAC is not just a building but a community of people, a beacon of hope who are on a mission to welcome you and help you on your journey to Christ.

You will not be coerced as to how you attire yourself. Just come along and join us in the spirit of worship. You will come across some members of our church who have been through some trying times in their lives but God has turned their lives around. Always remember that Jesus is still the answer. We the members of the HPAC can’t wait to meet you in person. Your family too will feel the love and the warmth and of course no credit check or references are required.

Why People Come

Attending this church has assisted me in many ways which include opening my eyes and mind for my connection with God. The Pastor, Deacons, Ministers and Evangelists are all welcoming and assist you no matter the walk of life you’re coming from. Every week has been different and an eye opener, even down to the songs of praise. Absolutely love this church”

Ricco Dean-Dodson

The reason I come to this church is because I believe my time has come. I have been getting the calling for a long time but ignored it. And then one day I saw this church online and something in me said this church was the one and ever since attending my connection to the lord is stronger than ever.

Janice Saunders

I personally come to the church because I feel like I needed a safe place to really understand the word of god, he’s been calling me a long time now but I was scared to answer because I didn’t really understand what the concept of Christ was and attending hackney Pentecostal is helping build a stronger relationship with the lord and not being scared to answer his calls.

Abbigale Henry

Powerful, Real and Life changing ! Are Words that I would use to describe my experience with HPAC. The outreach ministry spoke to me in such a way that I later traveled to the UK to worship and fellowship . I’ve since accepted this doctrine and water baptism in Jesus name.

Minister Shawn Copeland